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About us

XL Diner is located in the very heart of Ålesund, and welcomes you to enjoy tasteful, local food and drinks with a stunning view of the town, Molja lighthouse and the sea beyond. Ever since we started in 1999, we have been devoted to developing what today is recognized as one of Europe's best bacalao restaurants. XL Diner is and will remain a restaurant serving clipfish (dried, salted cod), but also offers tasty dishes not coming from the sea.

You will recognize our local roots, but also the roots that people from Sunnmøre have allowed to sprout from the world of bacalao dishes. Southern Europe and South America have inspired our menu, but we also offer the classic and beloved bacalao dishes from the Northwestern part of Norway. If you would like to taste more than one dish, feel free to order the popular "bacalao symphony" Royal Bacalao Plate.

First-class, line-caught cod from the Lofoten area is the main ingredient at XL Diner. The fish is purchased from a local company processing it the “old-fashioned way”, which guarantees the quality and taste. If you after your visit really become a fan of clipfish, you may even buy some to take home and try your hand at cooking tasty dishes. You will come far by using first-class ingredients!

We hope that you will have a nice and tasty experience as our guest – welcome to XL Diner!

A culinary experience – in the heart of Ålesund!

Monday – Saturday:
5 PM-midnight

Sunday closed

The kitchen closes at 10 PM every day

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